Merode stop

Schuman stop

Merode stop

Merode or Schuman Stations

Every stop/station is a 10 minute walk.

More info on the STIB/MIVB website.


  • At Midi, North or Central stations: take the train to Bruxelles Schumann (direction of Liège, Namur, Ottignies,…)
  • Etterbeek, Ottignies, Louvain, Namur… to Bruxelles Midi, North, Central.
    Schumann stop: 10 minute walk
  • Coming from Antwerp to Hal via Vilvoorde or coming from Mechelen/Malines to Hal or Bruxelles Luxembourg
    Merode stop: 10 minute walk 

    More info on the BelgianRail website.


Bike lane all around the Jubilee Park, biking is also possible within the park boundaries. 
Access by way of Rue de la Loi, Avenue de Tervuren, Rue Champ du Roi, Rue Gérard, Rue Hobbema

More info on the MobielBrussel(nl) or Villo websites.

By car:

  • E40 from Liège : follow Bruxelles centre, take Reyers tunnel, Avenue Cortenbergh, turn left in the Rue Leonard de Vinci, left Avenue de la Renaissance, follow the park- Avenue de l’Yser,  Avenue des Gaulois. The park entrance is situated on the right Avenue des Gaulois.
  • E40 from Ostend via ring and follow Bruxelles centre.
  • E19 from Tournai or Antwerp, ring and follow Bruxelles centre.
  • E411 from Namur, ring and follow Bruxelles centre

Car pooling:

See internet sites CambioZen CarCarpool.

Car parks :

  • Parking the Cinquantenaire esplanade is NOT possible anymore.
    (With some exceptions : busses and vans, as well as to vehicles of people with challenged mobility. Please use the electrical barrier speaker phone located at the esplanade entrance) 
  • Cinquantenaire
    Rue des Ménapiens 18
    1040 Etterbeek​
  • BePark parking Place Saint-Pierre
    Rue de la Grande Haie 20
    1040 Etterbeek​ 

    Parking Rue de Tongres
    Rue de Tongres 60
    1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert​

  • More info on MobielBrussel (Nl) website.

Hotels :

Access for people with challenged mobility (see the map below):

People with challenged mobility / in a wheelchair can use the large door on the esplanade under the colonnade to the right of the Museum’s main entrance. There are no dedicated parking spaces, but cars can be parked on the entire esplanade (except for periods indicated by the police).

Our teams can be called with a buzzer under the colonnade.

A person in your party can also ask staff in the main lobby to open the door under the colonnade.

Two wheelchairs are available in the main lobby.


Most Museum galleries are wheelchair accessible: they are either situated on the ground floor or accessible by means of an elevator (1919-1945 Gallery; upon request, see below) or an elevator platform (in the 1831-1914 gallery).
The Aviation Hall mezzanine (stairs), the Armour Gallery (stairs) and the section about Napoleon in the arcades (narrow elevator door (70 cm) and flight of stairs) are not wheelchair accessible.
The galleries about the Second World War are accessible via a service elevator. Please notify the main lobby staff upon arrival or call 02/737 78 11 during your visit to ask for assistance by our guards. 

Interior circulation:

Easy, with large hallways (a minimum of 120 cm).


Dedicated toilets are available both on the ground floor (access through the hallway leading to the Aviation Hall) and on the upper floor (access through the 14-18 Gallery).

Both the Museum shop and the cafeteria are accessible to people with challenged mobility.

European Disability Card